Study of self-sampling tests in screening against cervical cancer

Order your self-sampling test here

You will find your order code in the invitation letter to the study. Only women who have been invited to participate in the study can order the self-sampling test

When you have ordered

  • In the package you receive, you will find comprehensive user instructions and a prepaid return envelope addressed to the laboratory where the sample will be analysed.
  • You will receive the test result within six weeks.
  • If the test shows that you have an HPV infection, you will get a follow-up appointment with your regular GP or with a gynecologist

Did you know that

  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is the main reason for cervical cancer
  • Nearly everybody will be infected with HPV at some point in their lifetime. For some, the infection results in cell changes that in some cases may progress to cervical cancer
  • Severe cell changes can be treated to avoid cancer
  • You can’t know yourself whether you are HPV-infected or not; however, you can be tested
  • The self-sampling test is easy to use and the test result is as reliable as a pap smear taken by a doctor
User instructions for the self-sampling test (PDF)

Need help ?

For questions regarding the study or the ordering of the self-sample test, you can contact us by mail at or by phone:

Karina Undem, telefon: 22928941

Gunvor Aasbø, telefon: 22928919

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